$12.50 on Black Friday!

If you have friends who have been wanting to do an escape room, making your reservation on Black Friday is the time to do it.

We are excited to announce that for Black Friday, we are making available the ability to book an entire thematic room availability for just $100. This includes ANY time slot that is currently available to book directly through the website.

Your $100 booking includes up to 8 total players in whatever room you choose. That means that, with 8 people in your group, your total cost is just $12.50 per person (regular price is $29.99 per person)!

But you’ll need to move quickly to take advantage of this offer. There are only 50 coupons being made available – each coupon can be used for any availability, but you must make your reservation between November 28 through December 1, or until the coupon code is used 50 times (whichever comes first). When making your reservation, the time slot you play cannot fall within that date range.

To clarify: The coupon can be used November 28 through December 1, but must be applied to any game that can be booked AFTER December 1.

To take advantage of this deal, simply follow these steps on the website between November 28 and December 1:

  1. Click on Book Now.
  2. Choose your thematic room.
  3. Pick a date and time slot that has 8 total players available (this guarantees your room will be private with no other groups playing with yours). Note that the codes cannot be used for time slots from November 28 through December 1.
  4. Choose 8 total players and fill in the names and ages of the players in your group (if you don’t use all 8 slots, that’s ok – just leave the remaining fields blank).
  5. Click the words “Add promo or discount code.”
  6. In the field that shows up, input the code blackfriday2019.
  7. Finish checking out by making your payment online.

You can book multiple available slots if you want, but once the code has been used 50 times, this special pricing will be gone until next year.

Here’s a little bit of small-print legal mumbo jumbo to keep in mind:

LIMITATIONS & EXCEPTIONS. Due to the special pricing, note that there are no refunds, no cancellations, and no rescheduling. This special price can be used on any time slot that can be booked directly through the website. This offer is not valid for off-hours bookings or when running groups in multiple rooms simultaneously. Not valid for The Christmas Crisis. No overbooking allowed. Not valid for availabilities on November 28 through December 1.