Frequently Asked Questions


Anyone! Escape Rooms are a popular way for groups to bond and have fun together.

Friends & Families

Book with a group as large as 10, or sign up individually and meet new people. Escape rooms are great fun for friends and family. It’s a great social activity to do before heading out to dinner, or to cap off a night on the town.


We welcome those who are traveling and are looking for something to do that’s a little bit different while away from home. Book a room with others and get to know some of the locals, or experience a fun time away from the hotel.

Date Night

Instead of spending your night watching a movie in silence, why not accomplish a common goal together? Even better, bring along another couple and have fun as a group of friends. Escape rooms are a great entertainment option.


Escape rooms have become a popular trend in business for corporate outings or team building exercises. Escape rooms can help you identify natural leaders and problem solvers. They also make great gifts for employees.

Military Homecoming

What better way to let a loved one discover their military sibling or parent has arrived back in-state? Imagine the faces that will light up when they find their loved one on the other side of a locked door they just opened themselves?

Marriage Proposals

Talk to us beforehand and we can help you plan a specific puzzle that will help you “pop the question.” Imagine her finding her ring as the final magical artifact on a vampire quest. Or, tucked away deep inside a glowing alien control console. Let’s talk!

Gender Reveal

Looking for a fun way to reveal the gender of your latest family member? Talk to us and let us help to come up with something fun and memorable for you. A special video on our monitors, or perhaps a code that, when deciphered, spells out “It’s A Girl!”


If you are a fan of “escape the room” style games on your phone or tablet, then you’ll love the experience of a real-world Escape Room. Escape Rooms are full of puzzles, riddles, hidden clues, and lots of fun. Perfect for groups of friends, families, corporate outings and team building, and even date nights. All you need is some creative thinking, and the determination to make it out of the room within 60 minutes or less.


Family Owned & Operated

A family that plays together stays together.  And they also can make some pretty cool stuff together.  We are owned by two Texan brothers who have a passion for puzzles.

We Know Entertainment

Our puzzles have been carefully crafted by a team with roots in the tech industry, as well as in the theatrical film industry. Our owners have worked for such major film studios as Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, and Warner Brothers Pictures.

We have also been puzzle and riddle enthusiasts for all of our lives. We’re confident you will be challenged and entertained.

Unique Puzzles

You might notice when browsing the competition that many themes look alike from location to location.  This is because there are companies who sell thematic rooms to escape room owners.  Essentially, they are the same story lines, props, and solutions.

We do not purchase from 3rd party puzzle makers.  All of our puzzles are put together by us.  In fact, we love to hear what you want to see!  Talk to our manager and let us know what kind of themes you’d like to see in the future, and perhaps we can make your vision come to life!

Player Limits

You also might notice that some of our competitors have spaces for 12, 16, or MORE players.  This isn’t because they’re significantly larger in square footage.  But, rather, you will find that all-too-often you’ll feel like a sardine in the first section of the theme (or, in some cases, throughout the entire game).  With such a high volume of players in such a limited space with limited puzzles, you’ll also notice that many players could be left standing around, not participating much.

We pride ourselves in giving you the space you need to work with a good number of maximum people that won’t leave you feeling claustrophobic.

Additional FAQs

About Escape Rooms, In General

Why should I choose Logic Escape Rooms?

Because we love you the most.
Also, our puzzles have been carefully crafted by a team with roots in the tech industry, as well as in the theatrical film industry. We have also been puzzle and riddle enthusiasts for all of our lives. We’re confident you will be challenged and entertained for less than the cost of going to a movie and buying concessions.
And did I mention that we love you more the other guys?

Where did the idea for escape rooms arise?

Once upon a time in the land of Asia (or possibly the Ukraine) real world escape games were conceived from “escape the room” type video game apps. The industry grew quickly in Asia and Europe beginning around 2006. Escape Rooms started to become popular with the United States beginning around 2012 and are still growing in popularity today.
And they lived happily ever after….
Ok, yeah, you’re right. It wasn’t much of a story. But that’s the general consensus of the brief history of escape rooms.

Do I have to wear a special costume to play the game?

Not at all, but what a great idea to require a costume! Maybe some sort of a promotion like “Werewolf Wednesdays” or “Merlin Mondays?” That would be amazing! Because who doesn’t love a good costume?
Back in reality, though, we do recommend that you bring the least amount of belongings and accessories possible with you in order to move comfortably and quickly during the game.

Store Policies and Procedures

Why do your daytime Monday-Friday time slots say "FULL?"

Ok, time to get serious for a second here. A weekday time slot that is labelled as “FULL” might be available to be reserved. These are typically time slots that were blocked out for businesses to able to book for corporate outings or team building exercises, but they can still be reserved by anyone at all (because we don’t discriminate against non-businesses during the weekday hours). If you give us enough time to get to the room, we would love to host that time slot for you! Simply call us! Don’t be afraid to call. We’re really nice.

But do understand that, since these time slots are not bookable directly online, we will not be able to accept any sales or discount codes for them. Each of these slots are full price bookings.

Are there blackout dates for promo codes?

Yep! Blackout dates tend to be bank holidays, though. And we’re usually closed on the bigger ones, anyway (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day). Blackout dates also tend to be on the eves of the major holidays, as well. Basically, if there is no option for a promo code when you are booking, or if your promo code does not work, then that date chosen is a blackout date.

Is there a dress code?

Dress code, shmess code. Wear whatever is comfortable to you. You will be walking quickly and moving lots of items around. There will also be plenty of items on shelves, which could fall when you’re moving other things. And then there are other things to move around other things that might or might not need to be moved to still other things.
And if there are still other things to move… well, you’re probably actually just moving someone’s furniture for them and not playing an escape room.

The point being, they are not heavy items in each room. However, we recommend not wearing open-toed shoes such as flip flops or sandals. If you’re confident in your ability to not drop things on your foot, though, that’s why we have those liability waivers – to allow you the freedom to wear those flip flops in our rooms if you so choose. That’s what America is all about.

Also, some people tend to find some of the rooms to be a little chilly at first. We would also recommend wearing an additional layer of clothing, such as a light jacket. If it winds up your jacket is not needed, there will be plenty of space to simply remove it during your visit (every single room of ours has a floor and/or furniture where you can place your items). We also have some couches in the lobby.

How does all of this work exactly?

When you first arrive, you’ll sign liability waivers, then you will be given some instructions about how your chosen room will work as well as some of your goals. We’ll also rundown the overall game rules with you and how the clue system works. Once inside your room, you will have 60 minutes to observe your surroundings, find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately complete those previously-stated goals. You won’t need to use your muscles. Nor will it be necessary to break anything… in fact, we’d really appreciate it if you absolutely would not break anything…
Our rooms require analyzing information and do not need brute physical strength of any kind. So, we’re very accommodating to those who do not like going to the gym.
While in the room, your game guide will help move things along should you become stuck on any puzzles. You can ask for clues, or simply pay attention to any advice given by your guide. Our goal is to help make your experience a fun, entertaining, and worthwhile adventure.

Am I actually locked inside a room?

Texas kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment laws prevent us from actually locking you in a room. Leave it to the government to take all the fun away, right? The door behind you will be closed but not locked, so you will be able to leave any time you wish.

Be aware that if you DO decide to leave before the game is complete, you will not be allowed to re-enter. Unless you REALLY need to use the restroom… because we don’t want to run that kind of escape room…

Will I know everyone else who is playing?

Other escape rooms require you purchase ALL available spaces for a chosen time slot to insure you are not playing with strangers. However, we simply require the purchase of the majority of slots for a room (that is, 50% of the slots + 1).

Sooooo, when purchasing the majority of slots, simply check the “Private event” option during checkout. The system will then automatically close it out for you, making sure no one else will be in the room with your group.

If you have 4 or fewer players in your group, you are still given the opportunity to make your booking private for an additional fee (the fee reduces as you add more people to your group). Simply choose the “Private event” option during checkout.

That being said, in any other situation, it’s entirely possible you could be playing with other people you haven’t met. Fortunately, they’ll be there with the same goal, so you’ll still have lots of fun and maybe make a new friend at the same time!

Is there an age limit?

Every room requires at least one legal adult to be playing (18 or older). The rooms require analytical thinking and lots of communication with other players. For that reason, we recommend that each player be 16 or older. If you book an entire time slot for yourself, though, you can bring children of any age, so long as you ensure they do not break items inside the room or handle fragile items. If your child is old enough to play (meaning, not in a stroller or child seat at all times), then you will need to purchase a ticket for them at the same price, as well.

Because some of the items in the rooms can be easily broken, or are hand-designed by our team (and, therefore, extremely unique), we ask that you do not bring your very young children. Please keep in mind that our rooms should not be considered to be a child’s play area, nor a day care of any kind. That being said, though, we ARE working on possibly adding a room that is geared towards kids. So, be on the lookout for that one.

Do I need a reservation?

If you want to be guaranteed a spot, then yes. However, we do accommodate walk-in’s if the space is available at that time. If you’re not already physically at our location, give us a call and we can let you know if there is space available for you.
A caveat to that, though, is that if we don’t have bookings for some parts of a weekday, we might not staff anyone at all. That’s the main reason we highly suggest making a reservation as much in advance as possible.

What time should I arrive?

How does 5:15 AM sound?
That’s called comedy… I think I’m very funny sometimes…
But seriously, folks, your chosen room will begin promptly at the time you’ve booked. However, there are a few things about each room that we will need to cover when you arrive. Because of that, we ask that your entire group be on site and checked in about 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time.

The extra time also will allow you to become accustomed to some of the more “unique” style of locks in each room. All locks are on display in the reception area where you will have an opportunity to try them out beforehand.

How long does it take from start to finish?

Your entire group should be on-site 15 minutes beforehand. Kind of treat it like going to a movie – you want to get situated first, right? Arriving 15 minutes prior will give time for filling out liability waivers plus a brief orientation. You’ll also have time for any last minute bathroom breaks (trust us; if you have more than 2 people in your group, SOMEONE will need to go to the bathroom beforehand). You will then be taken to your room where you will receive a few additional instructions. And then you have 60 minutes to escape. Afterwards, we will answer any questions about any unsolved puzzles you may have not finished. The entire process from when you arrive to when you leave is about 90 minutes.

What if we are late to our booked time?

That happened once. A great time ago.
The year was 1620 BC. The place? Santorini, Greece. Let’s not let that happen again…
We understand, though, if it does. Life happens – heavy traffic, sudden bad weather, personal emergencies, huge volcanoes that destroy remote island paradises, etc. If you’re late and there isn’t another booking after yours, we should be able to accommodate. If there IS another booking after you, though, we will work with you to find a solution.

What is your cancellation policy?

We cannot refund, so cancellations are not possible. However, we would be happy to reschedule at no additional cost. Please give us a call as soon as you know you will need to reschedule, and we will be happy to work with you!

How much does it cost?

When booking any time slot available through the website, you can always find our posted cost per person.

Any booking reservation that involves a specific change to our schedule will result in a higher per person cost if other time slots need to be shifted or cancelled entirely. This is usually the case when groups want to run multiple rooms at the same time, or if a group wants to play during daytime hours on a weekday, such as for corporate bookings.

Do you have discounts for military or first responders?

We proudly support military and first responders!

Make your reservation with us over the phone. When we ask for payment over the phone, simply identify yourself as military or police/fire/EMT. You will receive a 20% discount for your entire booking. Finally, you will just need to show your military or first responder ID upon arrival to your booking, at which time we will finish your payment. Easy peasy! And we thank you for your service and for the outstanding job you do!

Is my purchase secure?

Absolutely! When making your purchase, you stay on our site, which utilizes an SSL Cert, authorized by GoDaddy. Just look for the padlock icon in your browser either next to our domain name, or at the bottom of your browser window. We use FareHarbor booking software, which is based in the United States and is utilized and trusted by 8000+ activities and tourism companies in the United States alone. FareHarbor also processes all payments. In situations where FareHarbor isn’t able to process a payment (such as purchasing a physical item on-site), we also sometimes utilize Square, as well.

Do you accept cash?

Of course! You can make cash payments at the shop anytime we are staffed. Just remember that during the week, we do not staff unless a booking has been made online. So if your entire group is paying cash AND you’re planning to play Monday through Thursday, you’ll need to book at least one space through the website to insure we’ll be there when you arrive. If you absolutely do not have a credit card at all, though, and still want to book Monday through Thursday, give us a call and we’ll work out the details with you to make it happen. Keep in mind that cash is not a very frequent option that people use with escape rooms, so please try to have exact change, when possible.

What else is included?

Whether you’re trying to stop the neighborhood vampire, avert an alien invasion, or wandering around Santa’s workshop, you can work up quite a thirst.
We also provide a complimentary bottled water for the road to help you stay focused on getting home safely. Just ask for one when you’re done with your room. 🙂

The maximum number of people per room is listed, but we have a couple of additional players. Can we still play together?

The maximum number shown for booking is the size of groups that we recommend for that particular room. Most rooms are recommended for 6 or 8 players.
However, we also understand that you may have a couple of extra people in your group. If you have additional people than what the site says can be booked, we can accommodate reasonably-sized regular groups. Simply book the entire room, then pay for your additional team players when you arrive at our location (instead of online). We DO have occupancy limitations required by our property size, so please call before booking if you have a significantly larger group to ensure we can accommodate everyone.

General Questions

On your page that shows the rooms available, there is a "60 Minute Success Rate" and an "Overtime Success Rate." What gives?

The 60 Minute Success Rate is the approximate percentage of groups who accomplish all of the room goals within 60 minutes, and who used no more than the allotted number of hints provided.
In cases where we are able to do so (such as when there are no bookings immediately after a group plays, for example), we will often give a group the choice of either 1) being shown how the remaining puzzles work, or 2) allowing a group to play longer than their allotted time if they wish to continue playing. In the instances where a group wishes to keep playing, we will typically give an additional 20 minutes or so. This time is considered “Overtime.” Hence, the Overtime Success Rate is the estimated percentage of players who accomplished all of the room goals in overtime. The option of allowing overtime is not guaranteed by your payment, and is given solely at the game masters’ discretion, as it is not always possible to do so.

You have a room scheduled for a certain time, but we could only play it at a slightly different time. Can you shift the time for any specific time slot?

It depends on a few factors, such as if a group has booked before you or after you, or if something else has already been scheduled for that time slot. Give us a call, and we’ll take a look at the time slot you want to see if we can make it happen for you.

My kids want to play, but they don't want me to play with them. Can I just watch while they go through it?

You would be surprised how even the most well-behaved children turn into a close resemblance of Lord of the Flies once all adults are out of the room. So, to keep any unintended damages from occurring to any unique items, there must always be at least one adult player in the room during every game.

I'm claustrophobic. Will I be able to handle the room?

If you keep with the recommended group size, we suspect that you’ll be fine. Obviously, the more people into one space, the less room you’ll have to maneuver, so keep that in mind when you’re making your booking. You are also never actually locked in any space and can always walk out the same way you came in. If you’re still concerned once you arrive, bring it to our attention and we will let you know beforehand of any potential tight spaces.

Can I play a room more than once?

Of course. Though, you would need to purchase a ticket for another date/time. Keep in mind that you will also know the answers to the riddles and puzzles, which could spoil your game play a little. But, we have four rooms, each with different puzzles, so we recommend trying your hand at each one! Every 3-4 months, we rotate out the oldest room, and add a brand new adventure.

Are the lights turned off?

Depending on the theme, there may be areas that are not as well lit as others. However, none of our rooms have areas that are in total darkness. And, in low light areas, we provide you with flashlights.

Are your rooms scary?

Not at all. Unless it’s specifically stated on the room’s page, we don’t have actors or “jump scares” built into our rooms. However, depending on the theme, there might be some visuals that may be disturbing to children who choose to play. If you are playing the room with your young’ns, please ask us beforehand if you are concerned, and we will let you know before you go in what kind of “surprises” you may experience.

Are you near public transit?

We are about the same distance from DART Light Rail’s Arapaho Center Station and DART Light Rail’s Galatyn Park Station. About 1.5 miles. We are also on the same intersection of a DART Bus Stop (Plano Road and Campbell Road).