Health Alert

The health and safety of our guests and employees is our top priority. We understand and are closely monitoring the current worldwide health emergency concerning COVID-19 through the CDC website, and also local news and information. We urge all players to do the same before visiting our location.

What We Are Doing

  • Through April 24 (possibly to be extended): Reducing the number of available time slots by half, thus increasing the time between, in order to add common sense sanitization procedures between plays. Saturday and Sunday bookings will still be bookable online, but only up to a week in advance. Monday through Friday bookings are only bookable over the phone. Temporarily closed. Scroll down for an opportunity to temporarily buy gift certificates at a drastically reduced rate.
  • Making every booking private at no extra cost. When we see a booking come in, we will change it to “call to book.” That way, if you want to add more to your own group, you can. But, no other groups will be playing with you during your time slot.
  • Placing hand sanitizer in every thematic room. If you feel the need to sanitize hands before exiting, you will have the opportunity to do so in-room.
  • Adhering to local alerts concerning self-quarantine and containment.
  • Asking all players (and their groups) who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 14 days to please stay at home, and reschedule with us for another date in the future (at no extra cost whatsoever).

Another Way To Be Resilient & Still Play Escape Games

We understand that these are unique times for all of us. And we want to be here for you when you feel safe to come to see us. So, until the self-quarantine is lifted, you will be able to take advantage of reduced cost gift cards. If you can’t play now, you can purchase a gift card at 20% off by using the code 20offcards for gift cards of any amount. Use them for any time slot once we’re all back to feeling more comfortable about leaving our homes to play games with friends and family.

Stay Safe

The most important thing throughout these trying times is to simply stay safe. We only have one life (that we know of), so keep friends and family healthy, find things to do at home that are fun and productive, help those in need if you can, and try not to fall into fear or panic. These are the times when it’s essential that we show our true humanity. These are the times when it’s imperative that we show our compassion. It might be hard for a while, but we can do this together.

Be good to each other.

last edited: March 26, 2020