More Than Just An Escape

By design, an escape room adventure is creative. It can be utilized in so many other ways than just the experience itself.  Talk to our owners or managers and let them come up with some great ideas for you.  

Escape rooms are a great opportunity to make a special moment even more memorable.  Let us work with you to come up with something great!


Imagine someone in your family or group of friends deciphering a puzzle, thinking that they are somehow trying to help escape the clutches of a vampire.  When, in fact, once the puzzle is solved, a pre-recorded video starts on the in-room monitor of you revealing the gender of your child.  It’s a fun way to reveal some great news!



For the couple that enjoys playing games and solving puzzles together.  Picture you and your soon-to-be fiancee’ are playing a room along with each of your parents.  One of the puzzles involves locating a ring.  When your fiancee’ solves the puzzle (don’t worry, our game guides will help push her into the right puzzle to solve), she finds the ring, prompting an in-room video to play “your song” (or one of her favorite celebratory songs).  You get on one knee, and voila! An exciting story to tell your family and friends has instantly become a part of your lives together!



Renting out all of our rooms for the night would make a great way to start off your final evening of fun and debauchery before the groom or bride commit themselves.  Talk to us directly about some of your ideas and let’s make something fun and exciting happen for your group!