The Christmas Crisis

NOTE: Any media presented above are not necessarily of the actual room nor any item inside the room. They are meant to help illustrate the storyline only.

The elves at the Richardson branch of Santa’s Workshop were well-deserving of a long vacation.  How were they supposed to know that when they all took a cruise to the Bahamas together, they’d be caught in a hurricane on the high seas?  They’re all safe, but they’re stuck on a remote island until all the airports open again, which means there’s no one in the workshop to build the toys. And their deadline is just around the corner.

After receiving a message from the elf, Bushy Evergreen, you and your group have been recruited to fill in for the elves until they can get back to the mainland and journey back to the workshop in time.  Every minute that the workshop is not producing means fewer toys for the good children of the world.  Some toys have already been made, but it’s up to you to pick up the slack and get toys made for the children on the remaining continents around the world.

Find your way into the workshop, locate all of the toy parts, then build those toys for the remaining parts of the planet.  If you fail, the elves will not have enough time, and millions of kids around the world will have to settle on a pair of socks and a couple of unsharpened pencils for Christmas.

You have 60 minutes. The clock is ticking.

How Many Toy Makers Are In Your Group?

We can book (or overbook, within reason) to whatever size you like, but
please keep in mind the following recommendations on group sizes.

PlayersDifficulty Level
7+Crowded. May not seem like enough puzzles. Not recommended.
4-6Ideal size. Recommended.
2-3Not recommended
1Can be done, but not recommended.


Scare RatingAdditional Room Notes
Not Scary At AllPuzzle Setups:  Non-linear throughout.
Physical Requirements: Ability to step over objects about 6 inches tall; ability to pass through a space of ~24 inches across; ability to look up for a short period of time; ability to distinguish between subtle color differences is suggested.

The Christmas Crisis is appropriate for all ages.
This room is not meant to be competitive, so we do not keep track of fastest speeds.
We only log overall escape rates for this room.








2-8 players