Terms and Conditions

By placing an order through the Logic Escape Rooms booking service, the buyer acknowledges his/her complete acceptance, without exception, of these sales terms and conditions.


1.1 The prices that are listed by Logic Escape Rooms include a 60 minute play of our game.
1.2 Logic Escape Rooms reserves the right to request an ID from customers prior to allowing entry to any themed experience.
1.3 Logic Escape Rooms reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Services will be billed according to the rates in effect at the time the order is placed.


2.1 Availability
All reservations are processed in real time and are subject to availability. The sale will not be considered final until receipt of a confirmation email from the Logic Escape Rooms booking service has been received. The buyer’s bank account will immediately be debited through the Stripe payment system for the amount of services booked.
2.2 Exchange/Cancellations
Bookings cannot be refunded nor exchanged for another experience. Bookings can be moved to a different date and time once, but only on a case-by-case basis in which there are unforeseen circumstances.
2.3 Confidentiality
By purchasing a ticket, buyer certifies that Logic Escape Rooms games, components, and puzzles are to be regarded as confidential. Any full or partial disclosure or publication to any third party violates the business interests of Logic Escape Rooms.


3.1 Logic Escape Rooms accepts payment by credit card or digital gift certificates through our website booking & payment system. We accept all major credit cards, gift certificates, and cash at our physical location. If you are using cash, please bring exact change when possible.
3.2 Promotional codes, discount codes, and coupon codes are subject to holiday blackout dates.


4.1 Security of payment
Logic Escape Rooms has entrusted its payment system to a trusted third party specialist in online payment security. We do not store any customer credit card information on our own database.
4.2- Personal data
By booking through logicescaperooms.com, you consent to the use of those items of your personal data which are necessary to ensure the proper processing of orders. Logic Escape Rooms undertakes to only use this database for information purposes and commercial offers for Logic Escape Rooms, and will not divulge these data to third parties except upon request by a judicial authority or other administrative authority empowered by law to request the communication of this information.  All data is handled with the greatest degree of care and discretion.


5.1 Each booking has a unique order number which permits the access to our game.
5.2 Guests will receive by email a booking confirmation that includes, order number, the exact date, and time of his/her reservation.


6.1 Logic Escape Rooms strives to offer you a game room that lives up to your expectations. However, the order, arrangement and casting of the game remain at the discretion of Logic Escape Rooms and no complaints will be accepted in the case of a modification to the game.
6.2 Logic Escape Rooms requires each player under the age of 12 to be accompanied by at least one adult, per game room.
6.3 Logic Escape Rooms reserves the right to request an ID to verify the age and identity of any person.
6.4 Animals are not permitted on to Logic Escape Rooms premises.
6.5 No food or alcohol is permitted on the premises of Logic Escape Rooms.
6.6 All participants of Logic Escape Rooms will be asked to leave personal possessions at a designated location inside the Logic Escape Rooms environment for the duration of their 60 minute experience.
6.7 Because of the nature of our business, it is strictly prohibited to take pictures, film or to record all or part of the game, or of the lobby or other location on-site. Any violation of this prohibition will result in the end of your game without refund or reschedule.
6.8 It is forbidden to reproduce texts, logos, images or any other element which appears either on the website for Logic Escape Rooms, or emails sent by Logic Escape Rooms.
6.9 Logic Escape Rooms cannot accept responsibility for any damages relating to objects belonging to customers.  We encourage you to leave all of your personal belongings in your car, or at home.
6.10 All smoking is prohibited.
6.11 No thematic experience at Logic Escape Rooms will require any of the contents of the room or fixtures in the room to be dismantled, disassembled, or otherwise damaged in order to unlock or “escape” our rooms.  Ours is a game of wit & skill, not force. Any guest who attempts to destroy or dismantle the contents of a thematic room will be asked to leave immediately without refund.  You will be charged for any damages caused.
6.12 All players must agree to and sign a printed liability waiver before being admitted to any thematic experience.
6.13 Logic Escape Rooms reserves the right to refuse service, or reschedule, if any player arrives at their scheduled time appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


The present general sales conditions are subject to law. State and/or federal courts shall have sole jurisdiction in case of litigation.