The Invited Is Now Accepting Bookings

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting bookings for our second room, The Invited.  

In 1977, we a probe was sent to explore the solar system and beyond.  Within that probe was an invitation to any intelligent life who may find it to visit us.  It contained a star map on how to locate our planet.

That was mistake number one.  

Decipher the alien language and solve all the puzzles in order to power up the reconstructed alien console in your star field simulator.  Doing this will give you a direct link to the alien mother ship that is orbiting the Earth, preparing to order an alien attack.  Send the abort code to save the planet.  If you fail, it could mean the end of humanity.

The Invited is a challenging experience for both young and old.

Is The Invited scary?

No.  There are no jump scares in this room.  

Is The Invited good for family or group activities?

Absolutely!  Even though we do not recommend groups larger than eight, we will overbook to accommodate your party by request. We also do not allow children younger than 6, as there is an area that is very dark and contains hazards that might harm excitable children who are that young.

Are the puzzles linear for The Invited?

Linear puzzles indicate that one puzzle must be solved before another can be started on.  The first part of The Invited is linear.  After solving the first two or three puzzles, it becomes non-linear for the remainder of the game.  Generally, it will take less than 15 minutes to enter “non-linear mode.”

Can The Invited be played by just one person?

Yes, but there are enough puzzles included that will keep a party of 8 busy for most of the hour.  For that reason, we recommend that you play with the suggested number of players.