Tips For Conquering ‘The Night Rises’

[WARNING: This article reveals some spoilers about our room, The Night Rises]

The Night Rises is an entertaining, new escape room designed and implemented at our location in Richardson, Texas. It’s perfect for groups of between four and eight people at a time, but we can accommodate more if you have a larger group.  We would not recommend more than eight at a time, though. More than eight people could result in some of your group “standing around” while others are solving puzzles and discovering mysteries.

Your experience begins as hired help of private investigator, Lawrence “Larry” Knight. As Lawrence informs you, he has been tracking a vampire across the globe recently and has uncovered where the vampire resides.  Lawrence is currently indisposed, and so the task to find relics within the vampire’s home has been bestowed upon you and your group.  The vampire has collected these powerful items in the hopes that they would be kept away from those who wish him harm.  That plan has obviously faltered, as you now have this opportunity to get rid of him once and for all.  If you cannot do so before the sun sets, then the vampire will regenerate and you will become one of his minions.

The Night Rises is full of analog puzzles that will challenge your group.  It has also proven to be a very difficult room to complete within 60 minutes.  While not impossible, of course, many groups will find some of the puzzles to be extremely challenging to complete in the allotted time frame.  With that in mind, the following suggestions will help you and your group to be one of the ~18% who complete it.

Divide And Conquer

There are too many puzzles in the room for just a couple of people, but it’s perfect for medium sized groups.  There’s actually one puzzle in particular that will be much easier to complete when four players work together. It’s important that, outside of that one puzzle, you all try to see visuals and other clues in the room “with different eyes.”

Communicate With Each Other

If you find something that is obviously a clue, don’t keep it to yourself,  It just may be something that provides a team member with an “A-ha!” moment that will help you all get through an additional puzzle.

Pay Attention To Everything In The Room

Puzzles have been placed where they are for a reason. Remember where you first discovered them, as that could provide additional hints for you.

Get Through The First Door Quickly

There is at least one additional “work area” that is separate from your initial one.  Pay attention to the locks on the “passthrough door” and get through it as quickly as possible.  If you’re not able to get through that door within about 25 minutes, your chances of completing all the puzzles within the 60 minutes decrease dramatically.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Hints

Some groups want to maintain competitiveness by limiting themselves to a set number of hints.  Others are ok being told how to actually complete a puzzle, just so long as they make it through all of them before the time is up.  You are welcome to play whichever way you want – we’re here to help when you need it.  If you would like to be included in our success rate percentage for the room, let us know you want no more than 3 hints.  If you would rather increase your chances of getting through the room and do not want to be included in our success rate percentages, just tell us that, as well.  We don’t shave minutes off your allotted time when you ask for hints. – we’ll play however works best for you.

Dress Appropriately

You’ll want to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and quickly.  Know that the room also can get chilly from time-to-time, so we would suggest bringing a light jacket just in case.  You can always leave it in a corner in the room if it’s not needed.