Tips For Defeating ‘The Invited’

[WARNING: This article reveals some spoilers about our room, The Invited]

Like the other rooms before it, The Invited is a fun escape room designed and implemented at our location in Richardson, Texas. It was designed to be played (and won) by groups of four to eight.  Thought we do not recommend more than eight at a time, we can accommodate larger groups if requested.  

Your sci-fi experience begins just as our governmental leaders have fled to their underground bunkers after a gigantic UFO mother ship has begun to hover in Earth’s orbit.  A warning from the Emergency Broadcast System warns the population to stay indoors and cover their ears from the eerie, disturbing sounds pulsing around the globe.  While our leaders have fled, you were not granted high enough clearance to enter the bunker.  So you and your group have decided to take up where the others left off. 

You locate a memo (probably meant for someone else) that indicates that you need to decipher the alien language so that you can power up an alien console that has been mimicked in a nearby simulator.  Once you do, you will have the information needed to send an abort code to the alien mother ship which will then stop the alien takeover. 

Clearly, the fate of the world is in your hands.

The Invited is full of analog and digital puzzles, with even some alien technology scattered throughout.  While it begins in a linear fashion, The Invited can become very complicated, with players becoming easily confused if they don’t know what they’re looking for.  Though, once the puzzles are completed, everything makes perfect sense. 

This is another one of those rare rooms where it’s almost a requirement to communicate with others clearly, or you will run out of time.  With that in mind, we think the following suggestions will help you and your group to be one of the approximately 24% who successfully repel the alien attack.

Be Patient But Vigilant In The Beginning

The first 2 or 3 puzzles in the game are linear, meaning that you have to solve one puzzle to get to another. Bear in mind that the tools and answers for other puzzles that haven’t been started yet are still within your first “room.” Others should concentrate on gathering information, and be aware that, after those initial linear puzzles, there will be tons of other puzzles around them soon enough.

Patterns Are Key

Most players don’t tend to see the important patterns until there is about 15 minutes left in the game. Be looking for them early, and stick with them. It’s how you will be able to determine what answers to place where, as well as what your next steps should be.

Pay Attention To Everything Around You

Our escape room never just throws a puzzle piece or clue in a room and call it a “reset.” If you find a sheet of paper turned upside down, for example, there is a reason for it. If something is worded in a funny sounding way, there’s a reason for it.

Visuals Are Extremely Important

Moreso than previous rooms, The Invited relies heavily on your sense of vision. If a light is turned on, keep it on. If it’s off, keep it off. Colors are important. Even those things that look like static are important. Symbols. Color patterns. Subtle color differences, such as what’s orange or pink, are very important. Visual puzzles are the most common challenge in this room.

Recognize That There Is Also A Story

There are some items or words that are not clues – they are just meant to move the story of the alien invasion forward. Find things that are different than others in substantial ways, and you’ll find you’re advancing through the game, as well.

Dress Comfortably And Stay Focused

Sounds are there to distract you. The aliens designed it that way. Tune it out and stay focused on the task at hand. Don’t get too heavily invested into those things that typically distract Earthlings.

Know Your Sci-Fi Pop Culture

While not absolutely necessary, if you’re pretty knowledgeable of sci-fi films and tv, you will know when you’re working on something that may be taking you down a path to nowhere. Aliens are trying to distract you. Figure that out quickly, then (once again) just look for something that’s different in some way. Patterns. Patterns. Patterns.